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My Ultimate Chelsea XI: Goalkeepers

Posted 07-22-2008 at 08:06 PM by gr8-1
Updated 08-03-2008 at 07:23 PM by gr8-1
Firstly my apologies, as this blog has been much delayed. Time just flies by ever quickly.
I know the wait has been pain-staking, and if you havent already read my previous blog
(titled Ultimate Chelsea XI: Introduction) then I'm afraid you ought to wait a little longer and go read that first.


And so the first edition of my new blog series, ultimate chelsea XI is well and truly underway.

***cue cool fireworks display and loud cheering and applause***

The first order of business is to determine a no1, the goalkeeper!

As is likely to be the pattern for the upcoming blogs, this will look at all possible choices before choosing the undisputed choice.

And when it comes to Chelsea goalkeepers, really there are only 3; Ed De Goey, Carlo Cudicini and Petr Cech. Ed De Goey = good keeper who did well for Chelsea, and unfortunately that is not enough to catapult him over the other two, So we're left with Cudicini and Cech.

Petr Cech is the bravest Goalkeeper there is, having been beat up more than any wwe jobber. Yet he gets up and continues to perform at a high level. He is an allround talented keeper. He is up there with the best of the shot-stoppers and in presence he is as imposing as a poltergeist.

Petr is also often criticised by peasants who know no better, The main criticism being he is weak on crosses?

I'm gonna address, This criticism reminds me of the criticism that often got thrown at the great Peter Schmeichel, "he got lobbed too often." I actually look at both cases as an example of the keeper's strength. Schmeichel was lobbed on occasion, and cech sometimes drops crosses, 1/ do they actually do it that often? It depends on how you look at it. In relation to how often Schmeichel came off his line and Cech comes out for crosses, it isn't that much that Schmeichel got lobbed or Cech dropped a cross.

Secondly these traits also show the keeper's confidence and willingness to gamble.

(Sorry if the above looked conjested, had to sort that out)

Cech has been great for Chelsea since joining in 2004. Originally thought of as back-up to Carlo Cudicini, He instantly became the first choice. Since then he has not looked back, and has remained among the top 3 keepers in the world. Cech holds all the records when it comes to Chelsea keepers and even Premierleague keepers. Cech has more clean sheets than persil and in 2005 went unbreached longer than the local virgin (over 1,000 mins of football!!!) And lets not forget he even survived the dirty disgusting evil foul fiend that is called Steven Hunt (I could easily replace the "H" with a C, but I wouldn't wanna insult the word)

Anyways for the past few thousand words I have been singing the praises of Petr Cech, and well here's the M Night Syama (however the hell it's spelt) twist. Carlo Cudicini is my goalkeeper choice in the ultimate of all XI's!!!

(I'll let you get your breath back and recover from that shock)

Carlo Cudicini represents money well spent. In life bargains are hard to come by, there's any free things, thai sweet chilli crisps at only 35p (i kid you not, those things are bloody awesome I'd spend £millions on them if I had to) and then there's the £160,000 Chelsea paid Castel Di Sangro for Carlo Cudicini.

He joined in 2000 and once De Goey was out of the picture, became the no1 choice goalkeeper. (He faced some competition from Mark Bosnich, about as much as Megan Fox faced from Amy Winehouse in FHM's top 100, Carlo easily dealt with Bosnich), he had until mid 2004 to amaze all Chelsea fans, and amaze he did.

Carlo Cudicini wasn't as blessed as Cech, He didnt have a defence who could shut out teams for a whole match (a whole season even), So it was often Carlo's agility, guile, suaveness that came to Chelsea's rescue like Superman to Lois Lane on many occasions. He had the opportunity to make countless amounts of superhuman saves, and he took them

As difficult as this was to separate Petr Cech and Carlo Cudicini. It actually proved one thing, Chelsea have the two best keepers in England! (3 if you wanna count Hilario)

So the goalkeeper for my Ultimate Chelsea XI: is Carlo Cudicini





Next Week on My Ultimate Chelsea XI: Gr8-1 reviews Chelsea defenders, who will get in? who will miss out? find out next week!
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